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Premium partners for glass coatings

Because we can.
The nature and scope of our range of coatings and services are determined by our extremely high standards.

Customers only become long-term partners when we can do it better than our competitors. This places us successfully on the market for optical, electrical and catalytic performance coatings.

The best preconditions for this come from our decades of experience in coating as well as with the nanotechnology used in the sol-gel process.

Glas-Plus Nanobeschichtung von Glasröhren
Coating glass objects
Glas-Plus Automatische Beschichtungsanlage für Glaskörper
Glas-Plus automated coating system for car lamps
Glas-Plus Automobillampen Beschichtung in Großserie
Large-scale production of car lamp coatings
Glas-Plus Nanobeschichtung von Glas
Coating glass containers

Our range of products

According to your personal wishes, we apply customised coatings according to the highest technical requirements on:

  • lamps;

  • halogen lamps and sodium vapour lamps;

  • glass containers for equipment manufacturing;

  • glass and plastic with electrically conductive layers (please see PDF product information)

  • glass panes.

Lamps are coated with

  1. absorbent and pigment-based layers (e.g. blue lamps increase colour temperature)

    and special coating solutions. The coatings can be structured and optically characterised. Large-scale production is possible.

  2. interference coatings, also in large-scale production.

  3. electrically conductive layers (“heating coating”).

    We develop the right functional coating solutions, incl. electrical characterisation, and create custom products as well as perform module development.

  4. anti-reflection (AR) coatings.

We coat halogen and sodium vapour lamps for

  1. blocking UV radiation:

    To do this, we use functional pigments, develop the chemical specification for the coating solution, choose the suitable matrix materials and take care of characterisation and durability of the protective effect against UV radiation.

    We develop coating solutions with required characteristics that can be reproduced.

    We have the capacity to manufacture on a large scale.

  2. colour-intensive lighting.

  3. correcting colour values used in the perfect presentation of goods.

Coating glass containers for equipment manufacturing is done by

  1. UV blockers

  2. electrostatically dissipative layers

  3. heated layers

We apply functional coatings
on glass bodies with:

  1. UV blockers

  2. heating layers

  3. electrically conductive tin oxide coating

on glass and plastic with lectrically conductive polymer coatings

  1. with anti-static function to dissipate electrical charges (explosion protection)

  2. with sensory function to forward measurement data

Coating of glass for viewing panes used for

  1. lamp construction

  2. blocking UV radiation

  3. anti-reflection

More information

Here, you can find our downloads, certificates, and important links.

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Glas-Plus Beschichtungs GmbH & Co. KG
Galileo-Galilei-Str. 28, 55129 Mainz, Germany

Fon: +49 (06131) 90833-60
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